Reiki Courses

Universal life force energy – Reiki healing for complete well being

The word ‘Reiki’ comes from two Japanese words – ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’.

‘Rei’ is the universal life force, and represents spiritual consciousness or universal knowledge, whereas ‘Ki’ simply means energy. We are all made up of energy.

The energy flowing through our body nourishes organs and cells, keeping our physical system healthy and strong. When this energy is disrupted or blocked, it may weaken the vital functioning of our organs/cells causing physical pain or discomfort. And at the time it departs, we die.

Reiki is used to cleanse your energy pathways, thereby healing your body, mind, and soul. It increases the vibratory level of the energy field and prevents you from getting sick.

Reiki 1 Level

Fee: $135 – (Group course)
$150 – (Private course)

Reiki 1 Level Introduction to Reiki,

  • Receive Reiki 1st initiation,
  • Learn hand position for self-treatment,
  • hand position for treating others (give/receive). Questions/answers.
  • Introduction to 7 Major Chakras,
  • Self Chakras balancing,
  • Chakra balancing for others.
  • Questions/answers

What do you receive? (Workshop manual, Certificate in First Degree Reiki included in the fee)

Reiki 2 Level

Fee: $180 – (Group course)
$210 – (Private course)

In the second degree Reiki course, you will learn the use of Reiki symbols. These symbols will enhance the strength and distance of Reiki healing.

1st-day –

  • Introduction to three Reiki symbols,
  • Uses of Reiki symbols,
  • Receive the 2nd Reiki Initiation, Learning the beaming technique (giving and receiving).
  • Questions/answers.

2nd day –

  • Learn to give Reiki treatment (giving and receiving),
  • Group meditation
  • Distance healing,
  • Crystal protection,
  • Questions/answers.
  • (Workshop manual, a certificate in Second Degree Reiki included in the fee)

Reiki 3 & 4 Level (Master Level)

Fee: $500 – (Group course)
$700 – (Private course)

Master level 1 (2 days)

Introduction to the Reiki Master Symbol,

  • Receive Reiki Master Initiation,
  • Learn to empower & enhance your practice of Reiki,
  • Learning various Reiki meditations(crystal meditation, moving meditation)
  • Learn Crystal grid,
  • Emotional healing,
  • Psychic healing,
  • Chakra empowering.

Master Level 2 (2 days) Learning how to give Reiki Initiations 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Level.